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Film Construction

Two outside layers of Polyester coated with a transparent conductive coating. The conductive coatings both face inward. An inner layer of liquid crystals surrounded by a polymer matrix.

Glass Construction

Two outside layers of strengthened glass.

Two layers of Polyurethane laminating adhesive inside the glass.

3M Privacy Film in the Center.

Polyurethane thickness (one layer) .025 Inches (.635 mm)

Electrical Information

Power Consumption: Less than 1 Watt per Square Ft.

Current Consumption: 25 ma per sq. ft.

Input Voltage minimum: 0 Volts AC

Minimum Voltage Required: 80 Volts AC

Operating Voltage: 120 Volts AC

Power Type: Alternating Current

Frequency Range: 50 to 100 Hertz

Connector Placement: One side with wires exiting corner

Wire Size: 24 guage

Switching speed: < 1 sec

From frosted to clear: 3-12 milliseconds

From clear to frosted: 15-25 milliseconds


Operating Temperatures: -20 Degrees C to + 60 Degrees C